Private Suite - StartUP Alley

  • 2-4 person
  • 800 / Month

Our private suites are located in StartUP Alley. We have incorporated the benefits of a large office by giving you access to a shared work area, breakout rooms, and a large conference room. You also have your own restrooms, kitchen area, and phonebooths.

Shared Suite

Our wide-open space gives you ample room to spread out. Our StartUP Alley area is fully furnished and ready for you to plugin.

Shared Kitchen

Our extensive kitchen area has plenty of refrigerator space to store your food and microwaves to reheat it. We also have dedicated places for you to enjoy your food.

Shared Kitchen

Need a place to hold a private meeting? StartUP Alley has four breakout rooms and a large conference room included in your monthly price.


Need to make a private call? Grab one of our soundproof phonebooths and close the door.

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Small Office

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