Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Brokers

As the world returns to the office, Union Campus understands the unique real estate challenges your clients are facing. We offer flexible space, competitive deal structures, and a partner that you can trust. Union Camus helps you quickly adapt to tomorrow’s changing real estate landscape—so you can find space for your clients when and where they need it most.

Our Commission Structure

Our competitive commission structure is designed to give you the biggest benefit, all while providing your client the flexibility they need. Our commissions start 10% for the first year, 2% for the next 12-months, and 1% for the third year. This gives you a blended rate of 4% on a three-year lease. Once your client graduates to a space that we cannot accommodate, you pick up where you left off.

What information do I need to provide to work with you?

You will need to provide us your contact information. Please provide us with information regarding your client's needs, such as move-in date, number of people in the office, and the length of term requested.

You will receive payment when the agreement is fully executed and the client's first month's rent is processed. Your payment will be sent via check to the address provided on file.

Yes, you can be involved in the client's entire process and are welcome to tour with your client. Open communication between you, the client, and Union Campus is preferred. However, if you are not available, you will be notified when the client has signed the agreement.

No, we do not contact your client without your knowledge. You will be notified when the client has signed for a private office.

Unlike traditional leases, our leases are straightforward and easy to understand. All of our units are individually priced, not priced on a per square foot basis. We will provide you with 1, 2, or 3-year pricing options and the number of parking spots allotted for each space upfront.

No. All of our offices are fully built-out and ready to move in.