Our Story

John Hurley has been involved in tech for over 20 years and is a managing partner at Union Campus. He has firsthand knowledge of the challenges young and growing businesses face, particularly around real estate. These challenges are long-term lease commitments ranging from 3-7 years and personal guarantees from the business owners. Securing leases can be even more challenging when the business is venture-backed or is in the pre-revenue stage.

In 2016 John partnered with three seasoned commercial real estate professionals, John Tiebel, Brad Tiebel, and Al Krygier, to create a flexible real estate platform for the tech community. The model allows businesses to start at one person and scale to 100 people with 10,000 sq. ft. of office space. All of the spaces are preconfigured to allow your company to maximize usability, and ALL offer flexible lease terms. And unlike traditional models, we don't require any personal guarantees.

Since our first tenant arrived in late 2016, Union Campus has played host to some of the largest tech events and house some of the most successful startups in the city. We have grown to three separate buildings that make up over 210,000 sq ft of space, creating a unique and diverse culture.

The Union's success is a testament to the companies that call Union home and is just a glimpse of what the future holds for our great city.